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Inspiration is a fleeting thing; any writer knows that. To make sure that “perfect” feeling, idea or word doesn’t get lost forever, we often just grab the nearest scrap of paper and scribble our thought down. Yes, at the moment, we have written poetry. But we have not necessarily written good poetry.

It’s tempting to say “Well, this is what I was feeling, so this is what I wrote. I can’t change what I was feeling, you know.” Of course, feelings are not revisable, but the words with which we choose to express those most personal thoughts and emotions are. When the inspiration hits you, you probably not only scrambled for the nearest piece of paper, but you scrambled for the easiest words possible, the ones that came to mind most quickly. It may be destructive to think that your initial scrawlings are sacred, for often they are not precise or may not convey the fullest possible meaning you intended.

ie: “The singing of the birds in the morning makes me want to fly with them.” vs: “The birds’ morning song moves mountains within. I rise to fly.”


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