:://sweet dreams be yours if dreams there be…
watching someone you care deeply about suffer, and knowing you can do absolutely nothing to alleviate their pain, is much like being beaten senseless while your arms are held, pinned behind your back, and you’re unable to defend yourself. when the person hurts, you hurt, but you can’t stem the pain. and sympathy is useless, for it isn’t you that needs or deserves sympathy —you are merely a pained bystander. and sympathy won’t help ease the pain of the person who needs aid and succor the most. there are no magic words which will restore faith, ensure health, lift the burden of hardship from the back of your friend, as long as you may search for them, they will not materialize on the tip of your tongue, for they don’t exist. i always feel so helpless, what do you say? what do you do? i’m sorry is so paltry an offering, at times, i’d almost rather not present it. i’m sorry is for when you step on someone’s toe in the subway, or you’re ten minutes late to a meeing, somehow the reflexive statement carries within itself, no true sentiment or depth of feeling, and it does little to provide comfort to someone who is truly suffering. but then again, what else is there? why not me instead? there are no answers in this earthly realm and at times, i despair that there are answers at all.


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