:://the sound of silence

there is no such thing as silence. it doesn’t exist. there is sound, and then the abscense of sound. we instictively fear noiselessness, fearing the quiet will swallow us, or worst, that in the abscence other auditory distractions, we might hear the whispers of our soul. try to drown them out…but it won’t keep them away. so turn off your loud music, leave your racous parties, and pull the wool from your ears. dare to listen to the vast and aching emptiness that isn’t audible, but somehow sounds so loudly now, all the same…..


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  1. i am terrified of silence, i don’t want to think things through thoroughly most of the times because then i will have regret, and yet i ultimately yearn for the silence to force me to face the truth and let it take me away.


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