:://a letter from my future self….

“…brilliance is brilliance, no matter the size of a school’s endowment. The professors at any school have devoted their lives to the pursuit of knowledge and the sharing of that knowledge with future generations. They can offer you more than you could ever receive. And as for college students, most of them have put aside…obsession with status and are at that wonderful stage of life where relationships are deep and adult, yet the spirit remains active and youthful. Additionally, the self-consciousness of teenage years disappears somewhere between using unisex communal bathrooms at 8:30 AM and realizing that everyone has talents which you could only dream of possessing. College life is an incredible blend of extreme stress, despair, and exultation. We read Tolstoy and Milton and learn how quantum mechanical formulae can relate to molecular movement, and at the end of the day, we exult in the fact that we’re still very much children and watch cartoons, throw snowballs, and battle with squirtguns with a carefree intensity that most of us have not felt since elementary school. This is college…No matter where you end up, I swear that you’ll love the place and secretly believe that it’s the very best school in the world…”


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