:://The not so pretty princess met a doctor with a knife. And he said there was a lot of ways that he could change her life. And the not-so-pretty princess was the queen of her room
And the world was in her closet while she dressed for the groom
There were angels above her and pearls on the floor
But nobody was loving her, waiting outside of the door

in the middle of a room 
stands a suicide
sniffing a Paper rose
smiling to a self
“somewhere it is Spring and 
sometimes people are real. imagine: 
somewhere, real flowers, but 
I can’t imagine real flowers 
for if I could, they would somehow 
not be real”
(so he smiles smiling) 
“but i will not
everywhere be real to you
in a moment
and everything is easier 
than i had guessed
everything would be”
a moon swims out of a cloud 
a clock strikes midnight 
a finger pulls a trigger 
a bird flies into a mirror.


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