Unseen by human eyes,

future replaces present

evolution erasing,

from the fleeting instant,

a hidden candor that resides.


Virtue of frozen frames transcends

mere picturesque tableaus.

Scenic view, flawless light

all, into the background—blends.


Time halting its procession,

betrays the trusting moment.

Unconsented, unknown—

silent words, shielded emotions,

slip secretly by the senses.


Vision allows for no flaws,

clinging tightly to illusion.

The façade collapses,

luster’s lost as a shutter snaps.


Souls of stolen truths are captured,

in haunting shades of black and white.



One thought on “

  1. someone who never heard of the word ‘simplistic’.. oh well, so much poetry is so awful that it makes a change to see something that encourages thought (something usually quite an idle process)
    how long have you been writing for?


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