this needs work, i know. but i didn’t want to lose…the idea

:://to live

Let me not change pace to wave good-bye
and so break my stride;
or facing death, fear my farewell
long before time demands,
forgetting in my fear, the taste
of life’s trade winds.
Something amorphous–
unshaken and untasted love.

Further than I have ever travelled beyond
along the edge of the earth, there lies a park. 
In the garden, rises a hill which–
in a show of abandoned fear,
with closed eyes, one can roll down,
taking the plunge to fear’s
eternal sin, emboldened fruit
sweeter than hesitation.

And there lies a path, atop the steep hill
inscribed with stones
marking time for those who
reached for the golden ring
unclasping captivity’s bind
and straight seeing,
freed from regret, never turned to
bid the world good-bye.


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