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it’s been my principle in life, to live so that i have no regrets. i wonder if i do though, sometimes. i regret not reaching for the golden ring hovering just out of my reach…i suppose. but that’s a regret i can live with. i feel….at times, almost empty inside. but then, that’s only when i’m alone. when i’m surrounded by others, it’s very easy to forget that such a feeling ever exists. it’s there all the same though, and at times, i wonder, if such a feeling is borne of regret. but i don’t know what exactly i would be regretting. to regret means to have wished i had done something i didn’t, or to not have done something i did. i have no room for either of those feelings within my busy schedule. i’d be lying if i said i don’t second guess myself. i do, but all the same… i’ve yet to find anything i truly regret. i don’t regret breaking ties with everyone sometime last year, it made me stronger….. and i think such a break was inevitable in order for me to grow. plus, what i left behind, wasn’t all that remarkable. and with the clarity of vision only time affords…i can now see that i made the best decision possible. i suppose i regret living in such a way that i know that when i leave in a month… there will be no one to see me off, silently willing me to stay.


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  1. I feel that too, in the sense that sometimes I know I need to compromise myself in order for that specific thing to turn out for the better.. sort of a white lie to myself.. but then I wonder how faithful I’m being to my beliefs if I cannot live truthfully and completely by them.


  2. Complete ditto on the first comment. People will miss you, sometime we can affect people without even knowing it. I think everyone feels alone in some way…


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