:://the waiter lifts the half empty plates from the table and with silent efficiency appraises our situation and prints out the receipt…

why are you doing this to me, to us? see, there i go again, there shouldn’t be an us, couldn’t be an us, wouldn’t be an us….except.. you can’t seem to understand there’s an invisible line that you are not allowed to cross, unless you are willing to leave certain possessions behind, on the other side. don’t stride carelessly over it, wreaking havoc on my mind. either you’re there or here, don’t pick both, it isn’t fair. for you see, when here gets to be too much, when the ugliness of the truth of the duplicity you’re engaged in becomes altogether more than you can bear… you have a there…to retreat to. whereas, i’m stuck in here….without you, but because you were once here it seems empty and hollow without you. if i could, i’d create a there too, a place for quiet sojourn, when the disease of longing hits too hard. but, i can’t. i’ve tried. even if you and i were both here there’d be no chance of there for us. it’s you, but more importantly it’s me. the best i can do, is silently plead for you to stop filling my head for hopes of here and how wonderful it could or maybe might already be.



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  1. wherever you are is ‘here’. some of us, myself included, are quite happy ‘here’. on the other hand, some just can’t escape the allure of finding out what’s so different about ‘there’.


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