:://watching romantic comedies is harmful to your health if you’re single

i realized yesterday, in a blinding epiphany, that what i’d feared, what i’d anticipated, what i’d known was true… really was. i always applauded myself for my blessedly rare intution as to these things, labeling myself as emotionally honest in a sea full of blissful ignorants. for once, i can joyously cry: i told you so! only, i find this time—my cry isn’t so joyously triumphant as i always dreamed it’d be. i suppose it’s because the price i paid for discovering the kernel of truth my insight whittled itself down to–was a disappointment. not a colossal one, in my terms. yet, a disheartening let down all the same. you and i—we’d never work out there, in the real world. it’s only in the seclusion that anonyminity brings, that all is right. our rapport disappears when brought into proximity of reality. it’s just as i feared. i suppose i shall revel in the world we manage to craft for those few hours in which we steal away from the tangible, and the forbidden pleasure it brings me. i’ve entered the garden and tasted the apple, and no sweetness shall ever please my tongue from now on. i wonder though— if there lies such a kernel of truth in this insight of mine—what other things of those i fear…might prove true?


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  1. thanks for your epiphany; it really made me think and *points to my latest entry* <– one kind of struck me too
    deep thoughts are wonderful but it seems as though lately, i haven’t even had the opportunity to sit down and start thinking about having those thoughts. that’s pretty saddening to me..


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