:://needs feedback, what do you think this is about? i need to know, is the theme too overt? in ideal circumstances, you should have to read it once or twice before you “get” it.

forty-eight dollars
buys a boiled blade
“hot water kills
everything dangerous”
the grubby white-coat claims
though she’s still living.

she stumbles into the car
alone and only half as alive
falling into the backseat memories
curling into her self
trying to fill the void

before we cross the border
i tell her she’s still an innocent
but wonder–who i am to absolve her.
one life traded for another.

inspired by: old everwood episode.


7 thoughts on “

  1. I’ve read it a few times but complete understanding still eludes me…maybe that’s part of the beauty of the piece…it touches you with its hidden meaning but doesnt really reveal anything…“but wonder–who i am to absolve here.one life traded for another.”I like those lines in particular…good work.


  2. back alley abortion.
    I will have to agree with Laura. It’s a bit like the one Sam wrote. I think it was the whole last stanza that sounded a lot like his. However, I could be way off base there. Plus it was you guys who taught me that 48 dollars was the standard for an abortion. The things I learned at geek camp *sigh*


  3. wow these people are too smart for me. i probably wouldn’t have gotten it w/o the tipoff. what is the “grubby white-coat” referring to? eep >_< i will try to call you this wekend on your new cell phone 🙂 have a good friday in the meantime!


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