:://a la cummings.

mistletoed couples, so
resplendently haloed, traipse
from july to june for
christmas comes not
only once a year, yet
never even at all
to those who are one 
seeking a way to two

for no red could ever
come a caroling as
do a lover’s lips

and presents of persons
are the only ones which
can make the pines breathe
fresh into flesh,
and which bear to be

inspired by: love actually


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  1. HeySerena~dang…thatisprettyweird…kinddafunnyatthesametime…thisissuchasmallworld…sorriei’mwritinglikethis…myspacebarisbroken:(…anyways,how’veyoubeen?doyoustillgotoJone’s?gosh..thismustbehardtoread…welljustwanttosayHi..andhopeyou’redoingwell:)


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