:://mr handy…
all hellos fade to farewells
fingers slide past each
and all, ones which clasped,
now begin to fall

for blessed we are with hands
enough to greet, each man
we meet upon the street–
but nobody not even the sky
perpetually blankets all it meets

forward moving never resting
our stride is ever growing
hold onto some, not to all
and you’ll find only thus,
might you keep walking.


this seems trite…but i like the idea (i think). stylistic edits?


2 thoughts on “

  1. Aww, that’s kind of sad, but I guess it’s true, isn’t it? 
    I found this because I am a crazy internet stalker.  Watch out for me…                                   -Lizzie 


  2. Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes. As we move constantly forward, we leave people behind. Many of them are people who could potentially become life long friends, if only the connection was maintained and developed. However, to attempt to maintain relationships with all of these such people is akin to juggling 50 balls simultaneously. It’s exhausting, and inevitably, all fifty of the balls, as well as yourself, will end up sprawled somewhere upon the floor. You pick those whom are truly life changing friends, and the rest you make a clean break with to remember them only at decent intervals, reminding them and yourself of the importance they once claimed in your life.


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