:://i give you — john (what am i saying about him?) leave me a comment! i need help! i want an A on my assignment!

it’s a lonely summer–the sun suspended,
scorches the earth. And John,
realizing  he’s parched, finds himself
in a timeless ice cream shop.

craving sweet refuge
from the solitary heat,
pondering his choices.

vanilla bean seems too…
familiar; he used to love
smoothness melding with his
roughened tongue, even despite
its rather bland reputation.

wondering which to choose,
mere seconds become years,
aging in his hesitation

cocoa bean, john crows, without reason,
picking from those close as hand.
a flavor clash, sensations jangling
chocolate such a sinful sort of sex
for virgin tastebuds, accustomed to vanilla.

© s.raheja


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