:://without any further preamble, i give you “nick” (what am i saying about nick?!) leave a comment, i need help!

Walking down the day,
heel toe, heel toe,
Nick sees a penny
or does it see him?

Gleaming. Winking. Teasing?
And if left to lie, thinks he–
mirror mirror on the ground,
what of me might the world see?

Stealthily stooping he scoops
it up to stop the shining,
but finds no pockets to
thrust its honesty deep within.

So Nick does the Nick thing,
placing it on his tongue,
and swallowing hard,
he swallows it whole.

No penny ever lay here
says he to himself. Heel toe,
heel toe– stride scarcely broken,
he steals on.

© s.raheja


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