:://ten days.

ten more days of anubhav’s relentless sexual innuendos. of dan’s oddball humor that i will never get. of john’s massages and humorous come ons. arpan’s random philosophical comments. of albert’s penis theory. of matt’s disgusting sense of humor. of blatant note passing in urban. of being chased out of the lit center by eiserman. of demarus. of bone crushing hugs from alex bolyantz. of being able to pull on gorgol’s curls, knowing they will always bounce perfectly back into place. of harboring hidden feelings towards different people. of dave’s: “are you serious?”. of sullivan’s staunch refusal to ditch physics to go out to lunch with me. of the quiet hallway, the giving tree, nikhil and my trex shoes. of ever being called ralls. of jon’s punching lessons. of the couches in the lit center. of happy monday mr handy. of hey carol, and what’s up mr truemper. of mr madden and mrs lee. of krishna’s perfect impression of champ. of kati’s driving lessons. of my life being run by bells and passing periods. of key club, the abcs and the cheerleaders. of my locker partner’s inability to “do locks”. of gym. of seating charts. of busy work and quarter reflections. of music in the halls and spirit week. of turnabout and prom and homecoming and dresses without dates.  of tardies and detentions. of social hierarchies. of wading through a sea of memories to get to class. of life as i know it?


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