have you ever had an indelible connection with someone? a friend you just click with? someone whom, when you’re in a crowded room, you can catch their eye and know, without a doubt, that you’re both thinking the same thing? someone who can finish your sentences? someone who you’re in tune with? and it’s not even so much because they “know” you, or they “get” you so much as it is that they’re just on the same wavelength? have you ever hadthat sort of friend?

where do those connections come from? they seem to defy all conventional and or logical means of establishment. in my opinion, they pay no attention to time or space or anything quantifiable. to me, those connections have been found in the most unlikely and unimaginable people. people i haven’t known all that long, or whom i haven’t spent that much time with. people, who, upon first glance wouldn’t seem like i’d have much in common with. but for whatever reason, our paths have crossed and we’ve begun conversing, only to discover that every second word out of our mouths is an “exactly” or an affirmation, a verbal head nod of sorts. we can talk for hours, discovering, in each other, ourselves. it’s not that we’re the same, because as much as i like myself, i don’t want to be friends with me ;). it’s just that we work, in some indefinable way. 

what do you do with that connection? how much do you value it? because those friends are so rare, are they to be regarded as more important than the bond between friends who have known each other for a lifetime? are they rare because we don’t need them? because they are transient, fleeting and, in the end, inconsequential? is the inclination to savor them based upon their novelty appeal? 

they require little or no work — they are just gifts bestowed upon us. so therefore, are they to be given less credence than something that has been developed for years? can the best things in life really be free? doesn’t that defeat the purpose of saving, then?

i don’t think so. sometimes i think that we work hard and follow conventionality to establish a foundation for our lives. but i think the things that make live worth living are those that dare to defy everything. without rules there would be nothing to break, and breaking free might just be what it’s all about.


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  1. I really like this entry and it’s something that I’ve given some thought to. There are people in my life I’ve known forever and bbeen friends with for so long that they have consequently become my bestfriends. However, there are people I’ve known for very little time that I connect with, the way you were describing. I don’t know if either friendship has more value- I instead think of them as just two seperate things. Two different types of friendships that are both important and valued. You have to DO ne thing with the connections you make outside of recognizing them, and holding them close to your heart. Accept the gift of friendship.


  2. what you wrote is great serena.  i have similar feelings on the topic and instead of writing something up i would like to repost your words on my site so others could share in your wonderful observations.


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