in the third harry potter book, harry receives a firebolt
broomstick. firebolts are the epitome of a racing broom, so
magnificent, boys don’t even bother fantasizing about owning one
because they know that no fantasy will ever come close to matching the
reality of possessing such a thing.

harry gets one. after
all, why not? harry’s life tends to eschew the mundane
middleground of normalcy, preferring to dwell in extremes:
phenomenal and horrific. anyway, after catching wind of the good
fortune that has suddenly befallen harry, the professors at hogwarts
immediately seize the firebolt, checking it for hoaxes, determined to
find the fly in the ointment. after all, it’s simply too good to be
true, isn’t it? ahh. but that’s the all important question: is it
simply too good to be true? mightn’t it just really be that good? why is that so unfathomable?

why is it that we have such a hard time believing in good things?
why can we not embrace them wholeheartedly? they say nothing worth
having is ever easy… but is it possible that, at times, such a maxim
is only true because it is a self fulfilling prophecy? what if, we just
identify what is hard as being good, whereas those things which seem to
drop into our lap…we regard as worthless?

why do we believe
that things are simply too good to be true? why, when we see the ghost
of a chance, the possibility of having something phenomenal, whether
the thing in question is a relationship or a promotion or something
else althogether… why do we shy away from that possibility? why do we
leave it undeveloped? why are we so afraid to see our desires
materialize? is it merely that we are afraid that the reality will
never live up to the imaginary world our dreams dwell in? do we not
even bother reaching for what we want because it is so very
unfathomable to us that we might attain it, much like the
magical boys at hogwarts refuse to even dream about the firebolt?

dreams really do come true. you just have to believe in the magic. and
you have to wish on shooting stars, you can’t let them pass you by,
they only come around once every so often.

sidebar: i’m unsure
as to why the harry potter references keep resurfacing in my entries. i
haven’t even really been reading them lately, i’ve been reading
literature. but, i suppose they are a commonality of human experience
these days, and as such, are relatable to most every literate human
being. sorry for the juvenilla though.


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  1. Such scrutiny .. wow. I’ll go get you if I need help on an English paper 🙂 How has it been going? Sorry, I haven’t commented or read xangas in a while! I guess it really takes time out if entries take 5 hours to finish, and even more time to try to respond to 150 subscriptions. But I’ll do my best! I love reading your entries.., you know? Keep at it. Bye! -James


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