I think the loneliness of college can be summed up by the aftermath of a sneeze – no one blesses you for a second, and when the silence has just begun to resettle, a chorus of blessings slices through the it, lifting it once more — each one seeming to say to the person nearest them, “Oh, I thought she was yours”.

No one claims you as their own. There’s no sense of belonging. I miss being possessed by my friends, or my boyfriends. I miss being owned sometimes.


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  1. Every place I have ever been has people you can trust. People you can depend on, people who will listen. Sometimes it seems that it will take forever to find them…so don’t give up quite yet. I recall my college situation as taking about 5 or 6 months to really settle in to a real life, so it that’s any indication…


  2. lol, serena! you’re plagerizing Yourself! well… re-posting i guess, these are old posts. i miss your rantings and thoughtful journaling… you really haven’t updated in a while. =( but you needn’t re-post, you have a great mind, i’m sure you could conjure up something new and profound…


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