Now that I’m single again, I’m looking at all of my male acquaintances with the critical eye of someone trying to gauge relationship potential. And I find myself realizing that each one will be different and unique in its own right, and might not necessarily be what I’m looking for, but that it will a relationship never the less. It’s almost as though I’m browsing through my closet in the morning, I know I have to wear something to cover my bottom, but I’m not entirely sure whether I want to wear pants, a skirt, shorts or capris. Each one is great in its own right although not necessarily equal. And I can wear all of them to the office without any ramifications.

I can have a fun relationship, I can have a fling, I can have a relationship with great chemistry, or one that’s comfortable with an old friend – just as I can wear pants or capris or a skirt or even shorts. I’m not sure entirely which one I want, but I know that I better be wearing something when I show up for work.


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  1. Why? Why do you feel such a necessity to be in a relationship when you just ended one? Why do you refer to potential relationships as picking out a pair of bottoms? Does having a relationship mean anything more to you than wearing a pair of pants? Do you feel that you need to be in a relationship for social sake, to show off your fashion sense or else seem half naked? Do you feel half naked when you don’t have a guy on your arm? Do you feel half clothed when you have a guy in your bed?I guess I just don’t quite understand… I occasionally have urges to have one night flings but I think actual relationships should be taken seriously. When your are at the point of purposely searching for a potential other shouldn’t you be considering who you can envision yourself with for the rest of your life, and with someone that you actually want to spend the rest of your life with… instead of a “fun relationship?”I don’t know… this entry seems very sex in the city-ish. But maybe that is what the real world really is like nowadays, I just wouldn’t want it to be my world.


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